Check the rules of the competition.


1. The organiser of the 13th International Cello competition Antonio Janigro Junio is the music school in Šibenik, Croatia – Glazbena škola Ivana Lukačića.

2. The competition will be held from April 19th until April 24th 2021 and is open to all cellists up to the age of 21, regardless of gener or nationality.

3. The candidates are divided into seven age categories: Pre-Category and 6 Categories.

4. The participants cover their travel, food and accomodation expenses.

5. Applications and all supplemental materials must be sent latest by February 15th 2022 in digital format only. Application form

6. In addition to the application form, candidates have to enclose:
– copy of the passport
– one photo
– copy of the registration fee payment.

7. Registration fee for participants from abroad EUR 100 and is not refundable. Candidates cover the bank trasfers themselves. All candidates will receive a confirmation e-mail after sending the application form.

8. By submitting the application form, the candidates agree to make their personal data available to the organizer for the purpose of preparing the competition documents (programme booklet, schedule of warm-up rooms, acoustic rehearsals, diplomas, competition results). All competition documents will be published on the competition web-site and will be availble in printed form.

9. Registered competitors are required to register no later than one day before the start of the competition in their category, at the info desk of the competition, at the Music School Ivana Lukačića, Splitska 2, Šibenik and prove their identity by presenting a birth certificate, ID or passport.

10. An official piano accompanist will be available in all categories. The fee is:
a) Pre-Category and 1st-3rd categories EUR 50
b) 4th – 6th Categories EUR 100
It covers one rehearsal and performance. Additional rehearsals can be arranged directly with the accompanist. Candidates may bring their own piano accompanists at their own expense.

11. All performances are open to the public and can be recorded. The Organizer has the right to use and reproduce the recordings without compensation.

12. The Jury reserves the right to reduce the length of performance.

13. Decisions of the Jury are final.

14. The Jury will assign prizes in each category except in the pre-category. In each category there are three prizes, one of which is a cash prize. Special awards can be awarded in each category.

15. All participants receive a certificate of participation.

16. All prize winners receive a diploma.

17. Organiser (Music school) retains all the rights to video and audio recordings.

18. The candidates will perform in alphabetical order (candidates last name) starting from the letter S.

19. The organizer has the right to limit the number of candidates if due to the large number of applicants it will not be able to provide a proper running of the competition within the foreseen time frames. In this case, the order of the received applications will be taken into account.

20. Depending on the epidemiological situations, applicable measures, recommendations and instructions related to Covid-19, the organizer keeps the right to cancel or postpone the competition. Candidates will be informed about it on time.

21.  The organizer disclaims all responsibility in case of injury or any accidents that may befall participants of the Competition (active and passive participants, teachers, accompanists, organizers, as well as all the other guests who find themselves in the premises where the event is held) and damage or theft of their property.

22. Organizer Music school Ivan Lukačić (Glazbena škola Ivana Lukačića) reserves the right to modify these Regulations.

23. Should there be any doubts in understanding the competition regulations, the Croatian version will be used as legitimate.

24. By sending the application form, all competitors accept the stated rules.


Glazbena škola Ivana Lukačića Šibenik

Splitska 2, 22000 Šibenik - HR